Riverside Designs Dental Laboratory has been servicing Dentists, Nursing homes, and hospitals in the Northeast East for more than 20 years. We are committed to providing the highest quality work, as well as the most technologically advanced restorations possible.


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Their smiles are worth the investment

We know your patients are counting on you for a beautiful, natural looking smile. We have made an investment in the latest technologies, giving you the highest quality product in the industry. This science, along with our passion for pleasing our customers, is what makes Riverside Designs Dental Laboratory stand out among the rest.



★ Our denture and partial department has over 40 years of experience and is managed by Wade Reynolds.

★ Our crown & bridge department has over 45 years of experience and is managed by Tom Carman.

We want the opportunity to make your job easier and we look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you.



Long Established with New Technology

We at Riverside Designs Dental Laboratory have integrated traditional dental systems with the latest state of the art technology to personally serve you, our customer. We acknowledge our customers as individuals, just as your patients are each unique to you. Combining the traditional hands-on approach with the modern use of CAD/CAM technology provides the platform from which we produce high quality excellent fitting restorations consistently. Our technicians take great pride in their craft and it certainly shows in their work. From custom shades to case diagnosis, we will help you create that picture perfect smile.



Riverside Designs Dental Laboratory offers a complete range of products and services.

Fixed Prosthetics

Custom PFM: multi layered porcelain to Semi or High noble alloy

Standard PFM: One layer shofu porcelain to metal Non-Precious or Semi-Precious alloy

Basic PFM: No layering - shofu one shot porcelain to Non-Precious alloy

* Alloy of your choice available at an additional charge
* All inclusive pricing available upon request




★ Ivo Cap injection Denture

★ 199 Denture

★ Success Injection Diamond D

Metal Free Restorations

★ Full Contour Zirconia

      ☞ Information

★ Porcelain Fused to Zirconia (Layered)

      ☞ Information

★ e.Max Restorations

★ e.Max Veneers




★ Vitallium 2000 Plus Cast Partial

★ Vitallium 2000 Plus Cast Partial Complete (All Inclusive)

★ TCS Flexible Partial

★ Standard Acrylic Partial (wrought wire clasps)

Additional Products

★ Full Cast Crowns, 3/4 Crown, Inlay/Onlay



Specialty Products and Services

★ Diagnostic wax ups

★ Custom shading

★ Chair side assistance



Reline / Repair

★ Simple relines or repairs

★ Welds

★ Complex repairs

★ Silicone soft reline

Sleep Appliances

★ Silent night

★ Somnomed


★ Tap III

★ Narval CC (Sleep Apnea)




★ Implant Ti Complete
  Includes Titanium Abutment and Noble Crown

★ Implant Zi Complete
  Includes Zirconia Abutment and Zirconia Crown

* Flat Fee
* We work with all implant systems on the market today



(800) 213-6858

(607) 729-3703


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